Product Description


• Directive 86/686/EEC • EN 166:2002 • GB 32166.1-2016

Product Information

  • Product Name: Splash Protection Face Shield
  • Materials:

    1.Polycarbonate (PC):Provides excellent impact resistance, optical quality, heat resistance and normal chemical resistance.
    2.Foam forehead cushion and adjustable elastic strap for comfort.

  • Type: May be reusable (provided appropriate arrangements for decontamination are in place) or disposable.
  • Specification:

    1.Face shields are generally not used alone, but in conjunction with other protective equipment
    2.Optically clear
    3.Full facial protection from spray, splatter, water, droplet, dust, oil and smoke.
    4.Anti-fog , anti-glare, and foam padded to provide extra comfort and safety
    5.Used as personal protective equipment to guard the face against exposure to potentially infectious materials.

Fitting Instructions

• Donning

Clean and reuse your face shield

When using your face shield:


  • Dispose or use after. Easy to clean, protective cover can be cleaned with disinfectant. Do not wash in high temperature or high pressure.
  • Face shields should not be used as solitary face/eye protection, but rather as adjunctive to other PPE (protective facemasks, goggles, etc.).
  • The combined use of some forms of protective eyewear with a face shield may impact visual clarity and limit peripheral vison to some extent and these effects must be taken into consideration before use.
  • TFace shields are not meant to function as primary respiratory protection and should not be used alone because aerosols can flow behind the visor. A respirator should be used in conjunction with the face shield.
  • The recommended PPE donning and doffing sequence for a face shield in healthcare settings should be followed (donning sequence is gown, protective facemask, face shield [or goggles] and gloves; the doffing sequence is the reverse) keeping in mind that it may vary according to the equipment needed for the particular hazard.
  • Keep away from fire.