The Kylin Prime Group has a proven track record in creating futures - for individuals, communities and companies and particularly in the health and education sectors. Futures for increased financial and family security; futures for better health for individuals and families and helping governments to safeguard the futures of their people.

KPG has an impressive history in supporting charities and social causes. Most recently it became a valued global partner to governments around the world in the sourcing and provision of medical equipment and PPE. The world has changed and PPE for everyday life has become a new normal for citizens for every day use and of course for health workers in medical situations.

In response to this demand from Governments and citizens and in line with its commitment to peoples’ futures, KPG has created KPMed. KPMed is a unique organisation - both charitable and commercial - developing and supplying PPE to governments, professional bodies and retail/commercial companies.


Kylin Prime Medical is working with its partners, customers and governments to design and supply products to reduce the likelihood of respiratory infections, safeguard against the negative health consequences of pollution and to increase sanitation and confidence in environments where workers and customers/members of the public are regularly in close proximity.

We strive for excellence through the provision of cutting-edge respiratory protection equipment which ensures the highest level of protection for individuals .

For citizens everywhere. Out of a crisis comes care.

European Standard EN14683 Medical Mask Requirements

European Standard EN149 Respiratory Mask Requirements


Kylin Prime Medicalhas developed a line of innovative products by adopting a partnership approach. Working alongside medical professionals around the world, we ensure we understand their unique needs and are able to respond to these needs by providing tailored solutions. Our medical masks and respirators offer extraordinary comfort while meeting the highest standard of protection. Our innovative packaging comes with colour coding, useful icons, imagery and more. We make the selection of the right type of mask, from daily protection to surgical environment, as easy as possible for you.

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE):All our masks are highly efficient in filtering bacteria and particles.

Full selection of fluid-resistant masks and respirators:Let us be your source of all the masks you need in medical and surgical environments.

Latex-free:All KPMed masks are latex-free and conform to the highest level of protection.


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